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Illinois RV Laws

Post: Learn the Laws-Illinois

Crossing state lines comes with the exhilaration of adventure as well as a new set of laws. We are here to inform and help you avoid tickets. Check in each week to learn about the Rules of the Road.

Towing an RV or Vehicle in Illinois:
Max tow speed: 55
Trailer Brakes: 3000 lbs
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) Allowance: Federal Bridge Formula
Allowed to triple tow: yes
Height: 13 1/2’
Width: 8 1/2’
Safety Devices Required: chains, breakaway, flares
Max length: Combined: 60’ MH: 45’ Trailer: 53’
Illinois cell phone laws: handheld ban in work and school zones, cellphone ban on all drivers under the age of 19, texting ban on all drivers; for more information on cell phone laws visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

For information on Illinois road conditions visit the Illinois Department of Transportation.

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