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You will probably be surprised to learn that when the  engineers at Holiday Rambler constructed the Aluma-Lite travel trailer, they incorporated modern racing car technology into its design. Not that they were envisioning the trailer being towed at high speeds around NASCAR tracks; they just wanted to provide RVers with a trailer that offers towing ease and stability.

Aluma-Lite Interior

Aluma-Lite Interior

Since no one likes to feel as if they are being yanked around the road by their trailer as they travel along the interstate, Holiday  Rambler worked long and hard to make the Aluma-Lite a pleasure to tow. For starters, the chassis of the super lightweight Aluma-Lite is clear of the exposed holding tanks, cross members and outriggers that tend to cause turbulence when a trailer is towed. This engineering feat makes for smooth airflow around the vehicle and a subsequent reduction in drag. Towing becomes a breeze and less drag leads to greater fuel efficiency.

The sleek, aerodynamic undercarriage also helps increase the Aluma-Lite’s overall mpg performance, as does the exterior skin, which is made of tough but lightweight fiberglass. All the “works” – the water and holding tanks and heat ducts – are located under the floor, which allows for more interior storage space and warm floors. And with its lower center of gravity, the Aluma-Lite can be safely towed by today’s smaller-sized towing vehicles. The days of needing a humongous SUV or pickup truck to pull a travel trailer are gone!

Aluma-Lite Exterior

Aluma-Lite Exterior

That’s the outside story. Inside, the Aluma-Lite has the look, feel and amenities that most high-end RVs offer. Its six unique models range from 24’ to 31’ in length, boast a spacious 6’ 6” of interior height, and feature doors, walls and cabinetry made of banak, a hardwood that is significantly lighter than the pine used in most RVs. Again, less weight means less pain at the pump.

With the Aluma-Lite, when you hook up for the night at your destination, it will be in style. The galley has a panoramic window and a double stainless steel sink with European-style faucets. It also offers a flush-mounted refrigerator and a three-burner range with vented hood. The water closet includes a fiberglass reinforced tub, large shower with skylight and wood-framed medicine cabinet.  Overall, the no-wax vinyl flooring spares you backbreaking cleanup, and the laminated plywood countertops are made to stand up to the toughest kitchen chores.

The engineers didn’t stop there. In order to maximize space, the bed, sofa and dinette fold up, and the dinette table is removable. In addition, there are storage tubs with easy access doors under the      queen-size bed, and the exterior includes locking baggage doors.

Wherever you want to go, the Alumi-Lite will get you there in style and comfort. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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