2013 Born Free 23-Foot Front Lounge Class C

Two For the Road

2013 Born Free 23-Foot Front Lounge Class C

Post: 2013 Born Free 23-Foot Front Lounge Class C

Dana Philp 29+ years RV sales experience; Black Belt in RV fun

Snow Chamberlain 33+ years professional RV experience; more than 500,000 miles driven

He’s logged more than half a million miles on the open road. She’s taught more RVers how to have a good time than she can remember. Here’s what happened when Lazydays’ road warrior and the RV industry’s guru of fun took the 2013 Born Free 23-foot front lounge Class C motorhome for a spin.


Dana and Snow step across the threshold into the living area.
Dana: I love the oak finish in this coach. We have solid hardwood throughout the interior. It’s great to come home to after a day of playing.

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Snow: Check out the dovetail work on these cabinets. That is classy stuff. Look at the drawers.
Dana: Look at your own drawers, Snow.
Snow: Guess I walked right into that one! But there is a ton of high-quality storage in here.
Dana: Well, you’ve gotta have someplace to keep your wine. Look at this hand-laid tile in the kitchen and solid-surface countertop. Both are standard features. And at the rear of the coach, we have a laundry chute where you can throw your dirty clothes and snatch them from the outside when you’re ready to do laundry.
Snow: I’m never ready to do laundry.
Dana: Well, you can still just throw away your dirty clothes, Snow. But with this coach, you don’t have to carry them through the interior on your way to the garbage.


Snow sits in the driver’s seat and snaps on his seat belt while Dana gets comfortable on the curbside sofa.
Snow: Holy refractor beams, Dana. This coach has a touchscreen control for the in-dash stereo.
Dana: And it’s also a full-color, rear-view monitor.

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Snow: What does this button do?
Dana: That turns off your air bag.
Snow: Hey, leave my mother-in-law out of it. Air bag … mother-in-law. Get it?
Dana: I get it. Speaking of family, Born Free Motorcoach has been a family-owned and operated company for 44 years. Until this year, they’ve always sold their coaches directly from their factory in Humboldt, Iowa. Now Lazydays has become the only dealership in America where customers can purchase one of these. We’re excited about it. With the Born Free and Lazydays partnership, our customers get the best of both worlds.
Snow: That means the price is set by the factory?
Dana: Right. It also means there’s no haggling, which makes for an easy buying experience.

Snow fires up the engine and pulls away. Minutes later, the Born Free is ready to merge onto the highway.

Snow: Great acceleration and the maneuverability of an SUV. This is a Class C motorhome that drives like a Cadillac.® All the controls are easily in reach. It’s comfortable to drive this coach.
Dana: Born Free has one of the best warranties in the industry. Not only the chassis, but the whole coach has a three year, 36,000-mile warranty. Tip to toe. It’s also one of the safest coaches in the industry. There has never been a fatality in a Born Free coach in the 44 years they’ve been in business.
Snow: Well, I just started driving ’em.

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Dana: Don’t say that. Old girls, when we get scared … we tinkle. It’s amazing how quiet this coach is even though we’re driving on the highway.
Snow: It’s a vehicle you can drive every day. This really is the Cadillac® of Class Cs.
Dana: These have been big sellers this year, especially at some of the shows we’ve had. Today’s RVers are showing up having already done their research. They know what they want. When you complete your research, then your answer is Born Free.


MSRP: $110,075 Go to lazydays.com to find out more.